How To Do Your Own Stump Grinding

Whenever you hire a landscaping company or tree service to cut trees down for you, the contract price usually does not include stump removal. Typically, you have to either do this task yourself or pay extra for it.

It costs around $100 to $200 per day to rent a stump grinder. So if you only have one to two stumps to remove, it might be less expensive to have a tree service or landscaper do it for you. It is worth comparing the cost of doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it. However, if you have more than two stumps to get rid of, then it will probably be less expensive to do it on your own.

If you do decide to rent a stump grinder, make sure that the rental company shows you how to operate the machine safely and explains how all the controls work. Also, make sure to always wear hearing and eye protection when using a stump grinder.

You will also need to tow the grinder, which weighs around 1,000 pounds. So you will need to have a vehicle that has a trailer hitch on it and is capable of towing that much weight. Otherwise, you will need to have the grinder delivered to your property for an extra fee.

Begin the process by using a garden mattock or shovel to get rid of any rocks surrounding the base of the tree stump fort worth. This is very important since rocks can damage or dull the teeth on the grinder’s cutting wheel.

The next step is to trim the stump carefully as close to the ground as possible using a chain saw. You could just start with the grinder and skip this step, but doing this will speed up the process.

Use the grinder’s hydraulic lever to lift up the grinder wheel a couple inches over the stump. Drive the grinder forward and get the wheel positioned right over the front edge of the stump. Start spinning the wheel and then lower it slowly around 3 inches into the stump. The hydraulic lever can then be used to swing the wheel slowly from one side to the next to clear the wood out.

Once you have dug down 4 inches at least, lift the wheel, and then move the machine forward a couple of inches. Then repeat this process. You can always hire the best tree care service here at Always stand next to the control panel when operating the grinder. It is located in the back of the grinder and away from the machine’s cutting wheel.

Slowly but surely, continue grinding your way through to the other side of the tree stump. Then check to ensure that your new hole is 4 inches deep at least. Rake all the wood chips up and then fill in the hole with topsoil.

Finally, tamp down the soil and rake it lightly. Spread grass seed in an even layer, and rake them into the soil. Cover up the seeds with mulch and then water the area thoroughly.

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